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Arch Viz Environment

Sep 19, 2009 3D / Game Environments

Final Render

I’ve always been fascinated by architecture, interior design and by architectural renderings. I have dozens of books on drawing architectural plans, how to render architectural drawings and architecture history . I think it is one of the reasons I love level design and interactive 3d worlds in games.

The following is a model and a render I worked on in Maya. I am very happy with the results.

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Left 4 Dead WIP: RestStop

Jul 20, 2009 Level Design, Unfinished / Dead Projects

This is L4D survival map. Set at night in a Rest Stop Area / Truck Stop. I began working on this couple days ago and trying to have all the areas blocked in so I can start testing gameplay. It began as having flat ground where parking lot was on the same level as the info center and the restrooms but then I thought it…

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Ringling Computer Animation Thesis Final

May 4, 2009 My Old Work

An aging Russian Space Station has seen better days and over the last few weeks things have not been going as planned. Electrical failures, lack of food and operating system crashes have become daily occurrences but these are the last things that cosmonaut Sergei is worried about. Another precious commodity has been running low in supply.

Watch my Senior Animation Thesis

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Work In Progress of Unreal 3 DM-OrionsForest

Apr 22, 2009 Level Design, UDK / Unreal Engine

I’ve been working on this for last 2 weeks. Following screenshots are very rough process of where I am at now.

When the map is done and released I am going to release a free e-book of this particular map’s process.

Stay tuned for that.

If you want to get an early copy when it is done, make sure you sign up for my newsletter at

I have not done any lighting. Only been working on modeling, terrain, and set dressing.

Small DM map, 4-6 people. Round/Circular gameplay layout.

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Two AlexGs Go To DC December 2008

Apr 14, 2009 My Life, Travels

Video of me and my dad in DC in December of 2008. I filmed this for my family and for my dad, and for some of my family to see it who are still back in Ukraine and Russia. Some of the video is in Russian, English and EngliRussian. With a lot of Russian pop music.

December 16-18 I went to Washington DC with my Dad for a few days. I had a great time. Even though it was cold, overcast and rainy most of the time there, we were still able to have a blast. We must have covered over 10 miles on foot first day from George Town to Washington Capitol and Union Station back through downtown to see Obama’s inauguration podium being built then back to Georgetown.

I loved the Union station. I always had love for train stations.

Holocaust museum was also quiet an emotional experience in itself.

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UFC 19 – [Pics]

Jan 20, 2009 MMA/NHB, My Life

I had a chance back in 1999, almost 10 years ago attend UFC 19 in Biloxi, Mississippi. As of right now it was my only UFC event I attended. I had a blast. I was only 19 years old; I had one amateur fight and a win under my belt few months prior to that.

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Lip Sync Animation and Take 2 Animation

Nov 8, 2008 My Old Work

Animation exercises.

Caricature of me in a lip sync and acting-reacting Double take exercise.
Lip sync was done over 12 weeks or so with all of pre-production included.


Double Take 2 was finished in about 2-3 weeks. Second model was a model of me just…

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Waffle House Dancing

Oct 24, 2008 My Life, Travels

Traveling from Florida to Oklahoma during 2007 winter break was an adventure. I didn’t want anything less. If I can’t find stories to live through, I had to create some.

This is what happens when you put me and Waffle House together. It started at rest stops. I started to get a small audience. By the time the last dance happened, the whole breakfast crowd at Waffle House was…

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For a Better World – Evan Tanner Interview

Sep 13, 2008 MMA/NHB

Evan Tanner

“Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world. It is something that is within each of us.” Evan Tanner

Evan Tanner Unreleased Video – For a better world.

“Evan Tanner was a great man, and his goal was to spread the life lessons he learned, to open people’s minds to what really matters…

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My Home Gym

Aug 23, 2008 MMA/NHB, My Life

Last and only time I ever signed up and paid for a gym membership was back in 2001. That was complete waste of money. I went for 1 month and never went back. For the last 7 years I have been working out at home. As of right now I am in best shape of my life.

You do not need a gym membership to be in shape, to…

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