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Left 4 Dead WIP: RestStop

Jul 20, 2009 Level Design, Unfinished / Dead Projects


This is L4D survival map. Set at night in a Rest Stop Area / Truck Stop. I began working on this couple days ago and trying to have all the areas blocked in so I can start testing gameplay. It began as having flat ground where parking lot was on the same level as the info center and the restrooms but then I thought it would be a lot more interestesting if the parking lot was on the lower level. This is extremely rough. Will update as my map continues to progress.

Edit: This project/map is dead. I am no longer working on this.


Work In Progress Shots:

World of Level Design Forums Work-in-Progress Thread


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3 Responses to “Left 4 Dead WIP: RestStop”

  1. Boogerbear20 says:

    The project is dead? But it looks like you put so much work into this already. I wonder what made you change your mind about pursuing this project.

    It’s an interesting idea and it looks good so far but it. does look like quite an undertaking. Now I can understand putting something like this together for some type of assignment, but otherwise something like this should maybe be a paid job or finished and put up somewhere as a freemium game with maybe virtual goods or ads and stuff so you can earn some profit.

  2. Boogerbear20 says:

    P.S. I am new, Alex, and I am wondering how you got those…Idk what they’re called but the green bars at the bottom of the screen in the last pictures, with the character’s faces next to them. I LOVE those. You are used to seeing them because you design them but to me they look awesome! xoxo

  3. A.M. says:

    Hi Alex!

    I left a couple of comments on this a week or so ago. I’m guessing they were deleted but I just wanted to compliment you on this level. I don’t know why this one in particular gets to me but it does. Maybe the idea of a Rest Stop is in itself scary, so the idea of gameplay in this environment was a good idea in my eyes.

    This comment will probably be deleted too but it’s worth a try to post it. First of all, thank you so much for WOLD! It’s great, Alex…and it’s different. Frankly, after reading the two ebooks you offered I plan on buying the full version of “11 Day Level Design” because I feel it’s worth the asking price. After reading the free version I feel confident the paid version will offer invaluable information. Can’t buy it for the moment because I’m as broke as a church mouse. One of these days:(

    In any event, my question regarding the Rest Stop level is this: Alex, are there any tutorials or is there any information available to look through to learn how to add something like the green “life bars” you have at the foot of the gamplay. They have each character’s small avatar beside them. And also at the right side is a white avatar of the choice weapon the “player” is using. How is this done? Do you mind (and have time) to offer a little advice?

    Also, one more thing please. I’m sure you know the mobile game for Silent Hill Orphan. Here’s a picture of it:

    It’s a point a click, 1st person game with no voices and some sound effects. Is this background 2d or 3d, and how could I make something like this for mobile, too? I have been asking this question for over a month and no one has told me anything. I tried to look at the source code to get a feel for how this was done and it looks like java but I couldn’t look at a lot of the files. You’re the expert on Level Design, Alex. How would one go about creating a game like Silent Hill Orphan?

    P.S. I’m sorry this is soooo long. Forgive? Okay I left my real name, email, and url, even though I feel weird doing that. Ha ha! Thank you in advance, Alex.


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