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L4D HotelSwiss – Final. Plans for L4D2-HotelSwiss

Mar 3, 2010 Source Engine: L4D/L4D2


L4D HotelSwiss Custom Map

L4D HotelSwiss.

I’ve fixed few minor technical and visual bugs. Thanks to everyone who helped me test this map.

The map had great reception. As of March 2, 2010 it has 9,491 downloads from

You can download the final version at
through the Level Design Main page here.

L4D2 HotelSwiss.

I’m now working on the L4D2 version.

It will support Scavenge and Survival. I’ve successfully ported the map over to L4D2. There are a few minor texture errors and terrain sprites. I will be releasing the map sometime during March.

L4D2 Hotel Swiss Scavenge/Survival

L4D2 Hotel Swiss Scavenge/Survival

L4D-HotelSwiss Final Download


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