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Hammer Source: Roads – Environment Study

Dec 19, 2010 3D / Game Environments, Source Engine: L4D/L4D2


I wanted to do a study of of how to create various roads in Hammer Source. Including curved and sloped roads. The more challenging roads were sloped and curved. Roads tutorial series will be coming soon on WoLD. Probably in beginning of January.

Here are various beauty shots of the roads environment study.


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2 Responses to “Hammer Source: Roads – Environment Study”

  1. shash7 says:

    Nice screenshots there. But the fog needs to be adjusted(I hate how close the fog is in l4d) and the sky lighting needs to be a bit more harsh.

  2. Armen Lusaperyan says:

    They look so natural and I love the pictures, I dont mind the fog because it fits the atmosphere, Cold and creepy.

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