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GTA V Trailer Environments

Feb 2, 2012 Games


I am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto series. So when I heard that GTA 5 is coming out soon I was super excited. With exception of Counter-Strike, I have played more hours in GTA universe then any other game. I am not going to talk or speculate about the game. Honestly I don’t care who the main characters will be or what you will be able to do. Whatever it will be, I’ll be happy with what Rockstar has up their sleeve. When I watched the trailer I couldn’t help but admire the visual quality of the game and the game world. That is the focus of this blog. To look at the visuals of GTA 5 and to take a loot at the game world from the trailer.


Here are some screenshots with commentary from the first GTA 5 trailer.



Sunset and beaches. I live in Florida. I get to see these type of enviornments year round. Definetly something I’ve been taken for granted. Soft haze of the environment is impressive and warm color palette. There is a dog in the screenshot. Something I haven’t seen in GTA games. Animals.


Pier. Contrasty blue sky. Nice slight blurred background with atmospheric fog. The environment looks almost photo real, yet there is a certain visual quality that says "I am still a game." The uncanny valley has always been dangerous to game developers and film makers.

The amount of detail is amazing. Nice looking foliage.



Ghetto areas of the city.

Appereantly JayZ is in the game.


Under highway overpass. Lot of detail with prop placement and trash laying around. Notice the way lighting is displayed here. Cold vs warm color palette.

I’ve always been impressed with textures in GTA games. Mainly with GTA 4. I love how textures tell the story and communicate a certain feeling of the envirnment.





Golf course. I’d love to see a mini-golf-game in GTA 5.

Modern style houses on top of the cliff.

Residential areas.



Ship harbor.

Oil pumps.

Construction sites.


So overall there seems to be variety of game environments in the new GTA. I’m excited. I can’t wait to explore the city and enjoy the ride.


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