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L4D2-HotelSwiss Release and Download

Apr 4, 2010 Level Design, Source Engine: L4D/L4D2

HotelSwiss has been ported over to L4D2. It supports Scavenge and Survival gamemodes.

Check out the screenshots and download the map.

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L4D HotelSwiss Release and Download

Jan 3, 2010 Level Design, Source Engine: L4D/L4D2

L4D HotelSwiss Custom Map

L4D HotelSwiss.

Custom L4D Survival map that I have been working on is now in beta. Good to see the map finally reach the light of day.

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Left 4 Dead WIP: RestStop

Jul 20, 2009 Level Design, Unfinished / Dead Projects

This is L4D survival map. Set at night in a Rest Stop Area / Truck Stop. I began working on this couple days ago and trying to have all the areas blocked in so I can start testing gameplay. It began as having flat ground where parking lot was on the same level as the info center and the restrooms but then I thought it…

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Work In Progress of Unreal 3 DM-OrionsForest

Apr 22, 2009 Level Design, UDK / Unreal Engine

I’ve been working on this for last 2 weeks. Following screenshots are very rough process of where I am at now.

When the map is done and released I am going to release a free e-book of this particular map’s process.

Stay tuned for that.

If you want to get an early copy when it is done, make sure you sign up for my newsletter at

I have not done any lighting. Only been working on modeling, terrain, and set dressing.

Small DM map, 4-6 people. Round/Circular gameplay layout.

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