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Left2Party Music Video Trailer, Raye Street House Flythrough and Real Time Arch Viz with L4D2

Aug 18, 2011 3D / Game Environments, Source Engine: L4D/L4D2

Raye Street House real-time Arch Viz was inspired by a real location. The environment you see here was created for Source Engine using L4D2 Authoring tools. I couldn’t just do an environment all by itself. I had to go above and beyond what I usually do. So I decided to create a couple of videos.

One video is a music video trailer called…

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Hammer Source: Roads – Environment Study

Dec 19, 2010 3D / Game Environments, Source Engine: L4D/L4D2

I wanted to do a study of of how to create various roads in Hammer Source. Including curved and sloped roads. The more challenging roads were sloped and curved. Roads tutorial series will be coming soon on WoLD. Probably in beginning of January.

Here are various beauty shots of the roads environment study.

3D Environment – House in Menorca

Mar 9, 2010 3D / Game Environments, Source Engine: L4D/L4D2


Image Reference Re-Creation Challenge 1 at WoLD Forums. The idea was to re-create an image of House in Menorca inside Hammer: Source. There are some really great entries. People are turning out some high quality work. I love seeing how much WoLD members improve and keep pushing themselves. These guys are soon to be the people working for the latest games and creating the environments!

Here was my entry and some work in progress screens.

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Arch Viz Environment

Sep 19, 2009 3D / Game Environments

Final Render

I’ve always been fascinated by architecture, interior design and by architectural renderings. I have dozens of books on drawing architectural plans, how to render architectural drawings and architecture history . I think it is one of the reasons I love level design and interactive 3d worlds in games.

The following is a model and a render I worked on in Maya. I am very happy with the results.

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