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Arch Viz Environment

Sep 19, 2009 3D / Game Environments


I’ve always been fascinated by architecture, interior design and by architectural renderings. I have dozens of books on drawing architectural plans, how to render architectural drawings and architecture history . I think it is one of the reasons I love level design and interactive 3d worlds in games.

The following is a model and a render I worked on in Maya. I am very happy with the results.

Everything was modeled in Maya and rendered using Global Illumination and Final Gather.

Final Render:

Final Render

Ambient Occlussion Pass:

Ambient Occlussion Pass




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3 Responses to “Arch Viz Environment”

  1. Alex (Smog) says:

    I like the final render, it looks brilliant. However, when i look at it i feel that the back wall/windows to make the room flow more. The beautiful spiral staircase feels somewaht boxed in by the square room. Other that that, it looks absolutely incredible.

  2. Alex (Smog) says:

    ‘I feel that the back wall/windows… to make the room flow more.’ Sorry, supposed to say – ‘…should be circular…’

  3. AlexG says:

    Thanks Alex.

    Thats a good comment. Now that I look at it, I agree. It would add more to the flow.

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