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3D Environment – House in Menorca

Mar 9, 2010 3D / Game Environments, Source Engine: L4D/L4D2



Image Reference Re-Creation Challenge 1 at WoLD Forums. The idea was to re-create an image of House in Menorca inside Hammer: Source. There are some really great entries. People are turning out some high quality work. I love seeing how much WoLD members improve and keep pushing themselves. These guys are soon to be the people working for the latest games and creating the environments!

Here was my entry and some work in progress screens.

The environment is fully explorable. Interior and exterior. Including the roof. Running around in it I realized how fun it would be to have this be as CS:S fy map. So I’m planning to port this over to CS:S as a fy map. 4 vs 4 shoud be fun.

Final Shots:











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7 Responses to “3D Environment – House in Menorca”

  1. Emma Haley says:

    Amazing work, very well lit! Menorca is a gorgeous place to visit too ;)

  2. AlexG says:

    Thanks Emma,

    Have you visited this place? I’d love to see it in person.

  3. Bardh Sokoli says:

    Wow! Can I download this level from somewhere,

  4. axel d says:

    can i use this for udk???

  5. Bala says:

    Awesome work man,
    It really inspired me..

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