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First Time Tips for Capturing Lightning Photography with DSLR

I hate waiting. And if you are capturing lightning, then you’ll be waiting a lot. The anticipation of the possible next capture is addicting. You have your finger on the shutter bulb button, ready to press.

Experiments in Photography - Collection #1

For last few months I've gotten into photography. I've basically glued a camera to my hand. Not just any camera but a DSLR camera - Canon EOS D60. Here is the first compilation of better photos I took over the last few months.

What I Learned from My First DSLR Time-Lapse

It was a cold, windy day in Florida. Thick clouds were moving quickly across the sky and I setup my camera to capture it. Here is what I learned from my first successful time-lapse.

Simple Gameplay Mechanic I Love from Mirror's Edge

I love the simplicity of this mechanic. If I were to design a game, I would try to implement it but with a few tweaks.

Updated & Redesigned AlexG Blog

Welcome back to redesigned blog. Today is the day I resurrect AlexG Blog...

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